Top Quality Materials

We use only environmental friendly materials that give the customers the best and most pleasant experience.


Our products require a lot of hand-made work, including carvings, foam, upholstery and decorative nailhead trims, that makes each furniture piece a work of art.

Comfort Design

Our seats are anatomically designed to give the maximum support and comfort. Our high quality products have a profound touch of style, fashion, characteristic and power.

Combination of the finest material, technology and exceptional design is the reason people love our furniture.

Traditional Contemporary

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About Us

EMOK Furniture is a European company based in Slovenia that designs and manufactures high end furniture.

Our roots go back to the seventies, when we first manufactured cute wooden toys for the children.

In the mid-nineties, we changed the entire production to manufacture fine solid wooden frames for sofas, which were used in other European furniture brands.

Towards the end of nineties, we developed our own team of professional upholsters and engineers to design and manufacture a complete furniture set in our factory.

In the last decade, we extended our collection with modern furniture.Ai??We are constantly upgrading our tools and developing new skills to maintain state of the art manufacturing facility.

Our team consists of very talented, skilled and precise upholsterers that ensure the high and long-lasting quality of the covers.

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Cerkno, Slovenia

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North America

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